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Ugg shoes new collection which is the greater choice for your funds I won't sit by and watch it happen. I will fight because she is exactly what we don't need red uggs in a president. These strategies are getting more obvious and sinister, not less so. Spending in the Black Friday sales reached 3.3billion last year, but it is expected to top 6.7billion this year because they now go on for longer.Tesco has signalled that its stores will open at 5am on Friday and many others, such as John Lewis, will be running sales events.Despite the Black Friday banners in shop windows, analysts believe most shoppers will hunt ugg over the knee cable knit boots for bargains online. A survey by accountants PwC found 77 per cent of people plan to shop via the web, compared to 17 per cent in stores.As a result, the number of those actually visiting the high street on Friday and over the weekend could be down on 2015.The event has been tarnished by the violence of two years ago, when shoppers at Asda and Tesco fought over budget flat screen TVs.BARGAIN LOVERS 'RISK BEING VICTIMS OF FRAUD' A third of shoppers are so tempted by an online bargain that they risk falling victim to fraud, says pressure group Financial Fraud Action.The figure is worse among the young half of 16 to 34 year olds would try a risky or unfamiliar website.Retail expert, Clive Black, of Shore Capital, ugg said: 'Black Friday has been more the preserve of the non food trade, particularly the electrical category, in the UK.'He said Asda stepped back from Black Friday in 2015 following the fights over flat screen TVs of 2014 but this year supermarkets were attempting to 'muscle in on the Black Friday opportunity'.'Tesco has announced an 11 day proposition, supposedly its biggest yet, whilst Morrisons has revealed a conditional fuel offer whereby a 50 in store spend yields a 10p/litre coupon off fuel, bringing Black Friday to the forecourt. We expect a number of other deals to be laid out by the whole trade.'But, he warned stores that consumers are not easily fooled by bargain claims that do not stand up to scrutiny, saying: 'Shoppers have sussed out a lot of the specially ordered low quality tat that comprises Black Friday.'Just last week, consumer group Which published a study suggesting Black Friday deals are not necessarily the bargain they appear to be. Now that ugg 5815 temperatures have dropped down to here, every day the struggle is real to wrap up the best we can. Without forgoing our fashion credentials of course. Here Gisele is showing us how the supermodels do cold weather style as she bundles up her gym kit with a chic sweatshirt, capri leggings and a pair of snug as a bug Uggs...