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Leopard uggs The controversy centres around a meeting of the full council last October when questions were raised over the payment to the anonymous chief officer, who it was understood had suffered bullying.The meeting heard Tory group leader Cllr Jeff Green criticise a "veil of secrecy" surrounding the payout. He demanded to know who was the bully and who was the victim.A year down the line, no agreement to help the whistleblowers has been reached.Mr Field told the Globe: "The whistleblowing on the Colas contract resulted in an almost clean sweep of senior council officers."The debt Wirral owes to those who blew the whistle is considerable."And yet they gained no compensation for the damage that has occurred to their careers."News reports last year carried information that a senior officer of the council was paid a fraction under 50,000 after allegedly being bullied by an even more senior officer."Surely the case of the whistleblowers is more deserving than the case of this officer, who is still in post."I have now written to Wirral's chief executive Graham Burgess suggesting an equivalent compensation payment be made to them."Mr Burgess said: "It has been the council's position for many years that we will not comment on individual cases.A serious problem for the council is that whistleblowing law guarantees anonymity for those involved in exposing what they believe to be dishonest or illegal activity in an organisation.A spokesman for the whistleblowers told the Globe: "Our careers were damaged beyond repair when that happened. We simply could not believe that a council officer had named one of us."The impact has deeply affected all areas of our lives."We consider that the 48,000 payment for the anonymous council officer is a shameful waste of public money, especially when it was made against the backdrop of massive spending cuts and staff redundancies."Shortly after the whistleblow, four chief officers of the council were suspended from work while an investigation was carried out by local government watchdog the Audit Commission.The commission's report published in October ugg niya sandals 2012 found EU rules "probably had been broken" by the manner in which the highways contract had been handled.. There no man living that cannot do more than he thinks he can. Whether you think that you can, or that leather uggs you can't, you usually right. When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not leopard uggs with it.". These alone aren't reasons to be alarmed! However, if your child has frequent problems in school or seems unable to make friends, it's time to consult your pediatrician. These girls uggs difficulties have many possible causes, but developmental disorders such as Aspergers shouldn't be ruled out. Hopefully this article will have provided you with some ideas of what to do next, where to seek help and how to manage your child's behaviors better..

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