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Essential Information About Prozac

Prozac is an anti-depressant that is used to treat a number of mental and emotional disorders, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, (OCD) and anxiety. While the medication has proven to be extremely successful, those who are taking it or have been ordered to take it by their physician should be aware of the drug’s side effects. Not all patients who take this medication will experience these side effects, and most of them are easily treated, but even so, anyone who takes it should be aware of what they are, the symptoms, and what they should do if they should happen to encounter them.

This medication’s effectiveness in treating depression, OCD, and other disorders has been proven very successful in many cases, but those who take the drug need to know how it may affect them. Whether they have been taking the drug for a short time or are about to begin their regimen, they should talk to their doctor about the kinds of side effects they may experience. Prozac has a number of side effects that range from mild to moderate, but in most cases, they are more likely to be felt if the user is already taking other medications.

Those who are not already taking other kinds of meds may experience the mild or common side effects of this drug, such as nervousness, sleeplessness, and nausea. These have proven to fade once the patient has been taking the drug for some time. While these are very common problems, if they become severe or troublesome, those taking the drug should contact their doctor right away to make sure they have not developed an adverse or allergic reaction.

There are people who should not take Prozac, despite its effectiveness. Women who might become pregnant or are pregnant and nursing should avoid taking the medication, as their infants may be affected by it. People with liver problems should also avoid taking this drug because it is expelled by the body much slower than by those whose livers function normally. Those who are considering being treated with the medication should ask their doctors to test them for liver problems before they begin their treatments. Depending on the severity of their liver problems, some patients may be offered other options.

Another side effect that is rare but sometimes occurs is the development of a rash after starting the medication. If any such rash occurs anywhere on the body after treatment, patients should contact their doctor right away, as this may mean they are having an adverse reaction and the treatment may need to either be altered or discontinued completely. While most patients react quite favorably to Prozac, they should be monitored carefully by their doctors and be aware of the side effects that they may experience while they are on it. This medication should never be taken without a doctor’s consent, as several tests should be run before it is determined whether or not it is safe for any individual to begin or resume treatment.