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How to Take Prozac

The drug known as Prozac is a medication that treats depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, (OCD,) and sometimes anxiety disorder. It has been on the market for over a decade now and has proven to be highly effective in the treatment of these disorders’ symptoms. However, since this is a powerful drug and can harm those who do not take it properly, there are several guidelines that people should follow before they begin or resume taking this medication. First and foremost, it should be noted that no one should take this medicine without the express approval of their doctor, as several medical tests to check for liver problems and other physical ailments need to be performed before he or she can determine whether or not it safe for those individuals to take it.

When patients begin taking Prozac, they need to carefully follow the instructions that have been laid out by their doctor. They should never increase or decrease the dosage that is listed on their own, as this may either hamper the ability of the drug to work properly or result in accidental overdose. Overdose usually occurs when patients do not feel the effects of the drug right away, and they think that taking more will help them get better faster. This is never the case with any drug, as the amount taken in one dosage will only result in dangerous and even fatal consequences. As with any drug, it may take a while to notice any results from the meds, but vast improvement is usually seen after a month or so. Patients who do not feel any different need to consult their doctor before increasing their dosage. This medication is convenient to take, as those who take it do not need to wait until a certain time of day or until they eat in order to take it. It can be taken day or night, or even if the patient forgets to have a meal.

There are several different circumstances under which certain people should not take Prozac. People who are planning to drive or operate any kind of machinery should not take the drug before doing so, as it may cause drowsiness. Women, who might become pregnant, are pregnant, or who are nursing an infant should not take this medication, as it may be passed on to their baby in the womb or through breast milk. In addition, people who suffer from liver disorders should not take this medication, as their bodies will not be able to flush it out as efficiently as is needed. People who suffer from allergic reactions to Prozac, such as developing hives or bad skin rashes, should talk to their doctors about discontinuing the drug or being put on an alternative medication. Severe reactions to the medication are rare, but they have happened on occasion. While this drug has proven extremely effective in treating the symptoms of depression, OCD, and anxiety, it is not for everyone, and those who take it should do so only under the supervision of a doctor.