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PROZAC: What You Need to Know

The stress of everyday life brings depression. While everyone experiences “low moods” from time to time, depression lasts longer and significantly impacts the performance of day to day activities. A chemical imbalance in the brain causes depression and does not only affect mood but the entire body. The physiological and psychological effects of depression include lack of interest in activities, incapacity to enjoy life, poor appetite and overeating for some people, sleep loss, and more.

Prozac may help you combat all these physiological and psychological effects. Fluoxetine is the generic name of Prozac. It is an anti-depressant drug. It is used to treat depression and other anxiety associated with depression.

Once this drug is taken, the chemical imbalance is remedied thus reducing the symptoms of depression. It is also used to treat bulimia, obsessive compulsive disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and other illnesses caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

A doctor’s prescription is required before this drug is taken. Otherwise, it can cause harmful effects in an individual.

What Do You Need to Know Before Taking this medicine?

Prozac is a drug that requires consideration of several conditions before one is prescribed with this particular drug. It is not advised for individuals who:

1. Had allergic reaction to medicines that contain flouxetine or other inactive ingredients contained in this drug. An individual who experiences rashes, itchiness of the skin, swelling of the tongue or face and shortness of breath after taking the drug should immediately consult his/her doctor.

2. Are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitor, a different drug for depression.

3. Are pregnant (or intend to be) or is breastfeeding or wish to breastfeed.

4. Have kidney or liver disease, diabetes or had experiences of fits.

Prozac should only be recommended after careful evaluation. It is always advised that individuals inform their doctor if they are currently taking other medicine before this drug is recommended.

If an individual is taking other medicines, this should be disclosed to the doctor. Some medicine can affect how well this drug works and patients may be required to take a different medicine or may need to take it in a lesser dose.

Does this medicine have Side Effects?

Prozac, just like any other medicine, may have unwanted side effects in some individuals. One patient may experience a different side effect from another who is taking the same drug. Side effects may include bowel problems, nausea, indigestion, shakiness, sleeping troubles, weight loss, nervousness, headache, sweating and impaired thought processes. Again, it is always best to consult the doctor immediately if these side effects are experienced.