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The Causes of Depression, and How Prozac Can Help

More and more these days we hear about people who are suffering from depression. It really is a medical condition that can bring people to their knees. These are people who are deeply sad, find it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings and lose their desire to do anything that they once enjoyed so much. When this happens it is an awful thing and those with family members aren’t always sure how to deal with the other person. Depression can make everyone miserable; not just the person who is depressed.

There are several types of depression and depending on the severity of the condition some people will need some type of medication to help them deal with the things that life throws their way.

One type is major depression and the main issue is with changes in a person’s mood, and the feelings that last longer than normal sadness would. These people are simply not able to function normally. Another type is chronic depression. This type of depression is less severe than major depression, but in most cases it will last longer than major depression. There is also seasonal depression that most people deal with during the winter months. It’s hard for them to cope without the light from the sun and because of the dreary days during the winter.

There are several things that can cause depression; it can be genetic, it can be caused by some form of abuse, some medications, or major life changing events. All of these can contribute to people becoming depressed and not being able to cope with normal life.

One thing that has been shown to help those who suffer from these types of depression is Prozac. It actually works to help balance the chemicals in the brain so that the person will feel more normal and much less depressed. It helps a person feel more relaxed so that they can deal better with things that happen in their lives that before they weren’t able to deal with because of the imbalance going on in their brain.

Taking Prozac gets those with depression to a point that things in their lives don’t seem as bad as they once thought they were, and helps them to move past those feelings of dread and sadness easier and quicker than they could have in the past. Life should be a happy experience, and when a person is depressed it takes all of the happiness out of their life and diminishes the quality of their life.

Depression can put a person’s marriage as well as their career in jeopardy because they simply can’t function like other people do in the real world. They are sometimes unable to communicate to others exactly what it is they are feeling, or in some cases not feeling, and it makes it difficult for those around them to help or offer any advice.

Using Prozac does not mean the end of the world; it is a helpful medication that can bring the fun and laughter back into your life.